Astrology and ISKCON Guru Subhaga Swami Maharaja

Maharaja who is a great dharmic personality applies the instructions of Vedic scriptures in his life. ISKCON devotees who think that they are beyond astrology and it's remedies should take note of not being more advanced than Subhaga Maharaja in their attempts to at best, softly undermine or at worst demonize Vedic Astrology.

Just see, people profess to have a better brain in Vedic matters than Subhaga Maharaja, who was that particular disciple that Srila Prabhupad specifically told to follow the Vedic cultural teachings of his parents. Implying that he knows what he is doing.

In short: Let us avoid being more of paramhamsa than Subhaga Maharaja who is a very dharmic personality. Let us no assume ourselves to be so spiritual that we are now beyond planets and consequent remedies.

Either one be advanced or not one should not give up one's prescribed duties.