Pure & Exotic

On this page, I will be providing a forum to sell some items whose purity I can personally vouch for.

Why is an astrologer selling these things on his website?
There are a lot of cheaters out there, who are compromising on quality for making a quick buck duping innocent people of the world. This must be stopped. And you can't rely on the reviews, either they are foolish or are paid. I will never be a sell out - even if someone pays me 10B $ to put untrustworthy stuff on this page, I won't do it. So a source of products which as been checked by me personally needs to be found. I thought to myself, "Who are these innocent people going to trust in this damned age? If I recommend a client, say an ayurvedic OTC medicine, Shilajit, where will he get the purest from? From some merchant? God knows what impurity will it have. So if I know a source who sells the purest stuff, why not just put it on my site."