How astrologers cheat people using the Kaal Sarpa Dosha scare?

There is no evidence from the astrological scriptures of ancient India pointing to the definite existance of kala sarpa dosha being applicable to persons. Though there exists such a dosha in the context of the astrological charts of large masses of land or non-physical entities such as organizations. Any form of pooja, aartis, vidhis to remove the said dosha from a person's chart must be considered a total and obvious form of money making devised by nefarious minds bent on prostituting the pure and transcendentally sourced science of vedic astrology for their personal gains. Any astrologer who speaks of such yogas and poojas, etc (vedic remedial rituals) is unread in the astrological science, fooling not only you but also himself, at best and typically it's premeditated. None of the great giants of astrology speak of it. In fact we have that found it to be so that the astrologer is often in a financial partnership with the priests who perform such remedial rituals, taking a commission of the priest's fees.

We have figured it to be one of the primary tests in verifying whether the astrologer is a cheat or not, by asking our dear clients to know if the astrologer who they met previously mentions of kaal sarpa dosha. Simply ask your astrologer, "what do you think of the kaal sarpa dosha?", "Do I have the kaal sarpa dosha in my chart?" or "Dear Sir, is the kaal sarpa dosha for real?". You will get to know if he is an expert or a cheater.