My Students

A pic of the tirtha ksetra (holy land) called Mayapur

I don't charge fees from my students. This knowledge, as all Vedic knowledge, is for free.

My prospective student:

Should have no avaidhya stri sangama presently or ever in the future.
(most would be will be closing this page after reading the above condition)

Must chant the gāyatri daily.
Must have read the Māhābhārata.
Must daily perform either agnihotra or vigraha pujana or (some) Veda svādhyāya.
Should not be greedy for making money through astrology and in general. (Preferably should be born rich/ have no need to make money in life i.e., should have no money problem as it may practically make a person misuse astrology for his purposes in life though being poor is not in itself a qualification)
Should absolutely not harbor desires for fame and recognition. (Want to get your name flashed everywhere? Become a rockstar, leave astrology for good)
Should be free from petty ego (ahankar): "I'm a great astrologer. I did/know so much". (No making the 'Mighty look and despair'.)
Should have no desire for pānditya prakāshana.
Should have no desire to 'win debates' i.e., be a digvijayi pandita (the vidvan, person learned in the Vedas, has nothing to prove to anyone).
Should understand that he is a conduit for this ancient knowledge to flow through him.
Should have a basic understanding of the universe's structure as stated in Bhagavat Purana Canto 5
Should have brahmacharya for many years in life or if not then should be absolutely willing to from the day of training. (If married, the wife should be willing to share his principles, not that the wife wants a second car and goads the husband to charge more money from his clients)
Should spend all surplus money made from astrology in the service of the Madhva-sampradya or Ramanuja-sampradaya or Nimbarkar-sampradaya or Vishnu Swami sampradaya directly or indirectly, if not, then, for general causes of dharma.
Should have no ill founded critical attitude towards devotees of Lord Kṛṣṇa.
Should have absolute faith in all the Vedic scriptures. (Should not dare to use the word, 'mythology'. If a planet can govern your lungs, why can't Lord Brahma have 4 heads? And Varāhavatār come out of Lord Brahma's nostril and have a body humongous enough to put Earth on its tusk?)
Should not believe in Darwinism.
Should believe that all Vedic scriptures are coming from Lord Krsna Himself and are thus transcendental and eternal, not that they were concocted by a bearded old man a few thousand years ago in a dry grass hut in some Indian village.
Should not have any political affiliations towards some political party of any nation.
Should be of a gentle and forgiving nature.
Should not be too emotionally attached to any relative (wife, parents, children, friends, etc).
Should believe that the Vedic scriptures are Lord Krsna Himself.
Should have faith in either brahmajyoti, paramātma or Bhagāvan feature of Lord Krsna.
Should have full respect for all 330 million demigods.
Should have no relationship with māyāvādis of India or abroad.
Should abide by that the concept of the soul and 'God' as explained by either Madhvacharya, Ramanujacharaya, Nimbarkaracharya or Vishnu Swami and their sampradāyas.
Should have no business whatsoever with the followers of the shāririka
Should understand the difference between venerable saints ("holymen") and fake saints.
Should be courteous in dealings with ladies even if someone's a professional prostitute.
Should sleep and wakeup early.
Should have a high standard of personal hygiene (in the general Vedic sense).
Should shave the head twice a month and keep shikhā.
Should have a lifestyle which is simple not extravagant.
Should have some basic/working knowledge of the Sanskrit language.
Should not regard astrology to be a, 'parlour trick' for some cheap entertainment for friends after dinner but as one of the science given in the Vedas.
Should be fluent in the slokas of the Manu, Yajnavalka and Parashara.
Preferably must have attended a Vedic gurukul which was not a gurukul where the teachers taught Advaita.
Preferably be fluent in English and French.
Preferably be homeschooled.
Preferably should have read the Vayu Purana.
Preferably have read any or all of the 4 Vedas.
Preferably have read:
Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya

Want money, girls, fame? Be something else.