Bollywood Actress Hema Malini's Pigeon Blood Ruby

Appears from this angle to be a Old Burmese(Myanmar) pigeon-blood ruby of 8 carats. If this be what it is, estimated cost can be around a 150,000$ (1crore rupees), though I personally doubt she'll go for such an expensive gem. She should though, given the very weak strength of the Sun in her chart.
The issue with clear rubies is that they and modified rubies have the same clarity. A modified ruby, astrologically worthless would cost a 100$ and a cheater can sell it for 150,000, there are many such cheaters out there, thus I warn all my clients about these things prevalent in the age of Kali.

Do observe her ring finger as it bears another what appears to be a ruby of about 8 carats.
 Here I see what should be a white sapphire, I think it is a 50,000$ gem.