Full astrological consultation: 100 €
  1. Date of birth
  2. Time of birth
  3. Place of birth (City/village/town, include co-ordinates)

Tell me these 3 things in an email to (kaustubh at kaustubh dot org)
I will tell you how you can make the payment in my email-reply.

It takes minimum 2 days to analyze your chart. I will email you when is the exact date I can send you the consultation.

The consultation typically is a skype or watsapp phone call lasting about 1 hour to 4 hours, maybe longer, it varies from chart to chart, some people have a lot of things to discuss. You can take your time ask me any questions you want live in the call itself.

I will have an initial look at your chart and tell you if at all you can be benefited by the words of an astrologer, if not, I humbly submit that I won't do your reading because there are certain combinations in which the astrologer just can't help the person directly. In such cases the person needs a friend, a relative etc who I can talk (give your astro-consultation to) and this other person can help the person. We can do this together with the other person that you bring along on the call.

Only astrological chart: 20 €
This is just your charts and not the consultation.
Includes: lagna chart, moon chart, Sadabala chart, hora, Iyer hora, navamsha, chaturthamsha, saptamsha, trimshamsha, shashtiamsha, chaturvimshamsha, degrees and placement of all planets in their nakshatras, all dashas and sub dasha upto the 5th planet, and a lot of other things.

Prashna: 30 €
Prashna means, 'question'. Ask any question and using a special astrological technique called prashna chart, this query will be solved. The answer will be a, 'yes' or 'no'.

Detailed explanation of the prashna: 30 €
The explanation typically is a skype or watsapp phone call lasting about 10 to 30 mins or a audio message.

Astrological Gem Consultation: 30 €
Find gems which are good for you and which gems you should never wear. Give me a list of what you want in life - property, marriage, become more wealthy, improve your relationship with your special someone, defeat your competition, win court cases, etc and I will suggest the appropriate gems stone.

Which Career to Choose?: 50€
I will give you a list of choices based on your astro-chart. Or if you have a choice I will pick one for your. The explanation typically is a audio message of 10 mins or so.