Bollywood Celebrities' Astrological Gems

Why do these celebs wear gems?

When you are at that level of success and have money to make your life perfectly happy and also don't want to take any chances, then....why not, if there is an astrological remedy existing for your life's troubles. And a, say, 50,000€ blue sapphire is a farthing's worth of investment for them even if it turns out to be, Lord Krishna forbid, a placebo. It is still a beautiful and one of a kind placebo. Atleast they have a fancy gem. But of course, if the astrologer prescribing the remedy knows what he's doing and if the source of the gem is dharmic (Dharmic implies it follows a certain hidden laws of the universe which energizes you and changes your karma account), then surely it'll do wonders.

(June 2019) Amitabh Bacchan, the most famous actor in India, wearing, an emerald, a blue sapphire, a white sapphire and a yellow sapphire See here all these gems are well above 300,000$ each. (Some different phases of the planets must be going on at this moment in his astro-charts that would have warranted the use of the yellow and the white sapphires, generally he wears only the blue and the emerald.)

Ajay Devgan seen here with a pearl  See here
With a white sapphire or a 8 carat diamond See here
With a yellow sapphire and a pearl See here

Vedic Astrology and Vedic gemology has very little or nothing to do with your "religion". The basic faith needed is faith in the science and the astrologer. One should benefit from this ancient science and not be caught up in some narrow minded view. A wise person would say that if there is some good somewhere to be found one must take.
Emraan Hashmi, a muslim actor from Bollywood wearing 4 gems. Middle finger has an Ethiopian fire opal. Ring finger has two corals. Index finger has fabulously expensive 7 carat natural yellow sapphire.See here and here 

Irfan Khan, a muslim actor wearing a blue sapphire. See here and here

Allah-Rakha Rahman (A.R. Rahman), a muslim Oscar winning Bollywood music composer wearing a gemstone. See here (BTW, the one that is frivolously depicted in this URL next to the A.R.Rahman is a lab made stone, only a careless gemseller would make this move of putting lab-made/fake gems on his website, shows to me that the gem-seller's not that bright.)

Shahrukh Khan, muslim actor, wearing a 10 carat coral in ring finger and a 7 carat emerald in pinky finger.  See here and here

Farah Khan, a person born in a muslim family, perhaps the most famous female choreographer in India wearing a yellow sapphire what appears to be 7 carats and must be worth 50000$  See here

Amitabh Bachchan seen with dual rings of blue sapphire each of 10 carats. And pinky finger dons a 13 carat emerald. See here
Maybe he wore it just for that pic to make it more aesthetic and then immediately after the photo-shoot removed it and located to the right hand where it was meant to be put on.

Sanjay Dutt wearing a 12 carat pearl for his personal problems. And also a  6 carat yellow sapphire See here
Seen here wearing a orange coral and a pearl See here

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan wearing 7carat blue sapphire and an opal See here

Anushka Sharma seen wearing a pearl See here

Preity Zinta seen wearing a blue sapphire See here
She's wearing an emerald  and a yellow sapphire in this pic support her cricket team which she owned/owns See here
Seen in this picture wearing a yellow sapphire and a blue sapphire in the neck See here
Seen here in this pic wearing a ruby and a yellow sapphire See here

The deceased BJP leader Gopinath Munde, wearing a yellow sapphire of 15 carats. Set in gold. A gem of this category will cost nothing short of a crore rupees or 200k $. But his work deals with thousands of crores so, a few crores spent on a gem is pennies for him. See here

Ekta Kapoor, Indian daily soap opera mogul, sporting what from this pic can be 9 gems. See here and see here

About the right hand:
index finger has a 12 carat yellow sapphire which appears to be an untreated gem, this given it's quality will start at 2 crores INR (300k$) minimum. Ring holds what appears to be a very light colored Sri Lankan untreated 12 carat blue sapphire with a white sapphire next to it. If this were so it is not recommended. But in an exceptional case for a Blue Sapphire the ring finger will do.
Pinky finger has a dark emerald with a pearl.

About the left hand:
Pinky finger has a light colored emerald set in gold, which is appropriate according to the astrological scriptures.
Ring finger holds a 13 carat diamond.
Index finger has a 15 carat yellow sapphire.
Middle finger has a 12 carat Ruby.

Expect for the diamond each gem worn has to be minimum 1 crore INR (150K $), the diamond will be anything from 200k $ to 1.25 mil $ depending on the clarity, color, cut, fashion house/artist which cut it and fashion house which sells is.

A light yet (almost) crystal clear emerald of 9 carats may cost min. about 2 crore INR (300K $)
A 4 to 5 carat pigeon blood untreated Myanmar (Burmese) ruby of what one may call the international grade may cost around 2 crores.

So one can simply estimate how much her gems cost.

Kareena Kapoor seen with diamond, yellow sapphire and pearl in one picture. And yellow sapphire and pearl in another. See here seen with a coral See here

Shilpa Shetty seen here sporting a emerald and a yellow sapphire. Emerald seems to be of 6 carats and the yellow sapphire of 9 carats See here

Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Nick Jonas' wife wearing an emerald of 5 carats See here

Zareen Khan seen with an 8 carat emerald in the right hand's little finger See here See here and See here

Abhishek Bachchan with a 8 carat blue sapphire in the middle finger of the right hand. See here

Model Priyanka Tyagi with an emerald. See here

Neeraj Gaba, India's Next Top Model panelist sporting a crysoberyl of 6 carats in the middle finger and a yellow sapphire of 6 carats in the index finger. See here and here

Actor, singer and music director Armaan Malik seen here with a 7 carat emerald on the pinky finger. See here and a 4 carat blue sapphire in the middle finger See here

Actor Manoj Bajpayee seen wearing a yellow sapphire in the index finger, could be a 6 carat gem (see here) and seen wearing a light colored blue sapphire in the middle finger See here, could be 6 carats

Actress Himanshi Khurana seen wearing a coral on the ring finger, looks like 6 carats and a pearl on the ring finger. See here

Europe's richest man, Laxminiwas Mittal wearing a blue sapphire in the middle finger of the right hand see here

Smriti Irani, present day textiles minister of India, with a yellow sapphire, blue sapphire and an emerald. See here

M. Karunanidhi used to wear a yellow sapphire and a red coral. See here

Political journalist and TV anchor Arnab Goswami sporting a 5 carat ruby, looks like it's worth 55000$ See here

Indian politician Raghav Chadda wearing an emerald of 4 carats and a ruby of 4 carats. See here

Actor and politician Nusrat Jahan Ruhu seen wearing a 9 carat coral and a 7 carat emerald See here and here

Present day governor of the state of Goa, Satya Pal Malik wearing a 8 carat yellow sapphire and a 8 carat turquoise gem. See here

Nripendra Misra secretary to the Prime Minister of India seen with a 4 carat rare pearl on the little finger of the right hand, 10 carat red coral on the right hand's ring finger see here
and a orange garnet on the middle finger of the left hand 

Arun Jaitley, the now deceased Indian politician served as minister of defence, minister of law and in many other political profiles.
Orange garnet on the ring finger see here

Sunil Mittal wearing a ruby on the right hand ring finger see here

Harsha Vardhana,  Ministry of Science & Technology, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Ministry of Earth Sciences seen wearing a 7 carat emerald on the little finger of the right hand
and wearing a ruby on the ring finger of the right hand see here
here, wearing a 7 carat chrysoberyl see here