What services I offer

Corporate Astrology

Vedic Astrological strategic planning to recruit and expand. I look for you before you leap!

Marriage Match Making

Find out if it is going to work with your prospective spouse and if not what can be done to make it work.

Couple's Counselling

Know each other fully through astrology. Be more sensitive to each other's needs. I will make you a happy couple.

What Career/Business Should I do?

Of the various industries which one is suitable for you? Let's find out.

Fully understand someone's personality

Know what someone's capable of - good or bad. Will he or she be an asset or a disappointment?

And many more astrological solutions...

Vedic astrology can help solve all problems of life

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What information you need to get your astrological reading?

Time of birth, date of birth and place of birth (city/town/village).
In case one of them is missing there are techniques to still give you a reading.


I personally never sell any astrological remedial intrument, yantras, gems. I request my clients to get them on their own. I can indeed direct you to the best and most honest sources who I and my father know for many good years now. But personally, an astrologer should never make a profit from selling remedies. Thus I don't do that. Almost all astrologers are remedy-peddlers/cheap traders masquerading as astrologers and have spoilt Vedic astrology, these are the cheaters I keep my clients away from, in what ever humble way I can that.




  • Bombay, India

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